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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Media & Substance Abuse

Actually, this is more like Twitter vs Facebook. One is marijuana and the other, crack. Both are addictive as hell (yeah, yeah, I know pot isn't habit forming, just go with me on this), completely unnecessary, and both are relatively HUGE time-sucks, however, which one is worse?

I vote Twitter as the least of the evils in this particular drug den and here's why: 
Facebook is great for catching up quickly with someone you might not have seen in a few weeks or *ahem* twenty years, it has some decent games, live chat, almost unlimited characters for posts, email notification, photo albums, etc...but, that's my fucking point. It's too much. You can log on on a Sunday evening with the intention of "just hopping on for a minute to harvest my crops" and before you know it, it's next Saturday and your cat is dead because you forgot to feed it. God forbid you're responsible for the care and keeping of live people in your home. (Don't scoff, it fucking happens.)

Not only that, but everyone's turned to FB as the end all be all in communication. If you're not on FB, you're out of the loop. Everything from your friend's pregnancy announcement to their ninety-eight year old grandfather's obituary is posted there. Someone having a party? Don't expect an actual invitation or phone call. Someone in the hospital who needs prayer? Hell if you know! If you're not on Facebook you may as well not exist. Shit, you might as well just move to the Gateway to Death Valley and call it quits. Better yet, tidy up your affairs and mark your calendar for the next comet and make sure you've bought your ticket and have plenty of pudding.

Sound bitter, do I? Maybe a smidge. I mean, I'm not hard to get a hold of. I have a phone. I answer it. If for some unfathomable reason I don't, leave a fucking message. Call me eccentric, but I believe if what someone has to say is important enough, it'll warrant a live person saying it. Another thing I hate is that FB tells me to reconnect with people...Out of all the people on our friends lists, it told The VoR to reconnect with me. We speak to each other every fucking day of the week. Well, maybe not every Saturday, but still... Then FB told me to reconnect with H once. I looked over at him sitting on the sofa watching TV with the Minions and said "Hey, wanna go reconnect after Modern Family?"  I mean, really...WTF?! Is FB trying to aid our marriage? We live together for Christ's sake! We even have that stupid application in our bios that say we're married to each other so FB knows he's my husband! 

I just think Facebook has devalued us as living, breathing, physical creatures and encouraged us to become indolent and dependent on technology for socialization much like a dope dealer would have us depending on the drug he sells. And I say us because after being incessantly whined at by people saying, "come on, everyone's doing it" like three year olds who want a snack, I, too, have succumbed to the peer pressure of joining that online community. However, I can quit at anytime. I swear.

Twitter, on the other hand, is basically just a means for people to shout out a quick blurb, which are typically funny as hell, not a forum to document your entire life and keep track of others' or to study the intricacies of agriculture or how to be the best mob boss around. Most of the folks on Twitter work their behinds off to tweet stuff that will make their followers laugh and who doesn't like to laugh? But here's the thing, you know that annoying feeling or sense of duty that has you spending your precious time off replying to every damned person's status update on FB? Well, it doesn't exist on Twitter! How cool is that? You can comment on a tweet or re-tweet it if you choose to do so, but if not, no one cares

One other plus with Twitter is that you get to hear from some of those people you thought had fallen off the face of the earth, like Wil Wheton and Steven Weber. They didn't disappear, they're on Twitter! Plus you can be kept up to date by all your favorite companies, too. Twitter still allows you to make friends and build a following (because you're actually friends with the 537 people on your FB "friends list", right?), post web links, pictures and videos as well, but on the whole, it's far less detrimental to the health of your cat. 

So will it be crack or marijuana? Personally, give me the weed...I like to laugh. And even though it's not always convenient and may sound a little too much like the pot calling the kettle black, it's my opinion that the people who love you would still much rather hear the sound of your voice than see how well you can type.

I'm going to wrap it up with this...Twitter isn't meant to get the really important stuff out there and in my opinion, neither should FB...
Some of you may remember that time I posted a picture of my IV to FB, which I'll admit was unintentional...I was bored in the ER and only meant to post it Twitter, not start a panic the scope and scale of a global pandemic on FB, and I apologize to everyone I freaked out and appreciate their concern and comments wanting to know what was going on and if I was okay. But the one I dug the most? I quote: 
"Feeling better? Any results? Forget it I'll call." 

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Kelly said...

How did I not see this until now? Who knew that your distaste for FB had taken on its own life? LOL...good stuff, definitely!